Trade/Export Sales

Trade/Export Sales

All the Tractor prices listed on the site are Retail Prices (excluding VAT). We can offer Tractors to Trade or Export Buyers for a lower price, especially for buyers buying several lots at once.

Please email us on explaining your situation and we will get back to you with the trade/export price for the Tractor(s) that you are enquiring about.

We can also assist buyers with export and organise delivery for their Tractor or Tractors. We have built up a good knowledge and experience of haulage and shipping Tractors all over the world. Let us help you source and deliver your next Tractor.

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General Export Prices- Most recent quotes at the top.
Mombasa- Kenya- 40FT High Cube Container £2300
Helsinki Single Tractor £1300
Spain- Full 45ft load of 3 Tractors to Zaragoza £3000
Norway N-8613 Mo i Rana- Single Tractor £1200
Holland Single Tractor £750
Immingham docks for further shipping £300
Any UK/Ireland docks for further shipping £300


Some Examples of our Recent Haulage Prices for Tractors
North of France £500
South of France £850
Holland £600
Iceland – 3 Tractors, (full load) from our yard to Rotterdam Quay £2000
3 Tractors from our yard to Farsala – Greece by road on a mega Trailer £4500
40″ high cube container from our yard containing 2 largeor 3 medium Tractors to Farsala – Greece £2400
40″ high cube container from our yard to Limassol – Cyprus £1900
40″ high cube container from our yard to Mombasa Quay – Kenya £3000
Tractors delivered to Northern Spain £1000 each
Finland Ports £1100+
Norway Ports £1100+
Limog Greece £1500/Tractor or 40ft to Thessaloniki £2000


Trade/Export Sales

If you are in the market for a 4×4 vehicle please visit our 4×4 NI page for details of what we offer.