When Tractors Get Blinged

Once upon a time tractors were nothing more than the workhorses of the mechanised world; machines that were there to do the digging, ploughing and pulling that no human was physically capable of performing. The great majority of farmers would openly admit they would be completely lost without their faithful tractor and were unable to do a lot of their work if the machine ever broke down. If the general public ever thought about them at all, it was usually with annoyance, and perhaps a desire not to be caught behind one on a rural road. The one thing that tractors have never been “blinged” until recently. This is the post-modern world of the 21st century, and anything can be blinged out today.

Tractor Shows

There are even a number of competitions that are held online to design the best blinged tractors. The idea initially began with cars and various other motor vehicles, until eventually even the seemingly unlikely tractor was due for a bit of tender loving care and “tarting up” as well. These days there are even worldwide tractor shows, and while the blinged tractors have yet to have one of their own shows, with such shows tending to focus instead on new, old fashioned vintage, or even high concept tractors it can surely only be a matter of time.

Stylish Tractors

One of the most popular ways to bling out a tractor is to soup one up with a red and chrome design. The use of shiny red paint, a chrome exhaust pipe, large fat alloy wheels, chromed mirrors and chrome nudge bar results in a beast with a very memorable, stylish and formidable appearance. Another of the most popular designs for a blinged tractor for those whose tastes are a little more on the mean and moody side, is to give a tractor a totally black paint job with sleek lines and blue flames running down the sides. You certainly would not want to encounter that on a dark road!

Another winning design for a blinged tractor is to use sleek silver paintwork together with a turquoise blue motif. This design works wonders on smaller tractors in particular, making them look like a very nifty and very cool little machine. One of the more unusual designs is for a charming baby pink digger, which seems somewhat unlikely to appeal to the more macho members of the farming community!