The Real Costs of not Having a Good Tractor

Once upon a time farmers had to hire dozens of farmhands to keep a farm going because there was always so much work to be done. Plowing the fields, tilling the land, picking produce and so much more, all required a lot of effort. Of course, do not forget the struggle that comes with bailing hay! Luckily, while farming is definitely still hard work, it is not as tedious as it was a century ago. A large part of this is due to innovative technology that has led to the development of the modern farming tractor. Using tractors in place of hard manual labour and horses has helped expedite the world’s food production and ease the hardship of being a farmer in many ways.

Today farm tractors are used to complete a wide variety of tasks in just a few hours. What might have taken a week now only takes a day with solid farm tractors. The tractor is stronger than a horse and of course it never gets tired so you don’t have to worry about its health. You can simply keep going until the job is complete or the farmer is ready to call it quits for the day.

Of course, tractors can be expensive, especially if you are a farmer looking at a new model. However, before considering a tractor to be too expensive to replace, consider the costs of not buying a new one. In order to compensate for life on the farm without a tractor nine to ten more farmhands will likely need to be hired. Even with the extra help there will be more work needed to keep up with a high production of goods. This means more hours which means paying more people more hours. The end result is higher operating costs and a reduction in overall profit

With this in mind, the price of a tractor will start to look cheaper and cheaper. Plus, many times tractors can be purchased used or secondhand. This helps to keep the price down and will help keep the farm safe. After all, working long hours or double shifts is never healthy and can lead to extreme fatigue, heat stroke, and sometimes even heart attack. A tractor does not have these risks, and with the right maintenance will likely not even require many repairs for its first several years of use.