Before Buying A Compact Tractor Check These 4 Things

A compact tractor is a great way to take care of normal lawn care tasks and some larger agricultural tasks if you are so inclined. However, there are dozens of models out on the market and not every tractor will offer you the same degree of satisfaction. A compact tractor is an investment, so it pays to be careful when choosing which model to buy for your own use. Before deciding on and purchasing a tractor, take a look at the following checklist. Make sure that you consider each of these points before making a purchase.

Actual Needs

The first thing you need to do is specify exactly what you need the compact tractor for. You want to make sure you buy one that has plenty of horsepower to meet your needs; on the other hand you don’t need to pay extra money for strength you will never use. Therefore, it is important to think about the shape of your land, whether it is hilly or flat and what you intend to do with the tractor. For instance, you might just want a mower right now, but in the future want it for digging postholes and tilling. Consider your needs now and in the future, because a well maintained compact tractor will last a good decade and you want one that can do all the jobs that may need doing in years to come.

Check The Framework

This leads into the very important consideration of what material your compact tractor will be made of. Plastic and sheet metal tractors will cost a bit less and will weigh less, but these frameworks do not tend to have the same lifespan. If you truly want a vehicle that will last you for a decade then consider spending a bit more upfront and choose a steel framework. Your investment will pay off when you don’t have to replace it in five years. At this point you should also consider whether you want one that has a diesel engine or gasoline engine as this will impact the amount of maintenance you will have to do.

Potential Accessories

Based on what you plan to use the tractor for you may need to purchase a few accessories or look for a compact tractor package that offers you the accessories you want. A three point hitch, hydraulic system, and power take-off are all great features to look for. They also will help you make the tractor more efficient. You also might want to consider a front loader or yoke if you plan to move materials around.

Safety First

While many people think of a compact tractor as a tool or even a toy, the truth is that it is large, powerful machine and can be dangerous in certain circumstances. Health and safety is paramount in any modern industry therefore, you want to make sure that the tractor you buy has the right safety features installed and insurance coverage to protect you and your family. For instance, you will want seatbelts, a mechanical kill switch, and a rollover safeguard. You also want to make sure that you can comfortably work the controls and reach the pedals.

Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend Returns This Year in June

After a large level of success last year with almost 20,000 people in attendance, the Bank of Ireland is once again sponsoring the Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend. The Open Farm Weekend will take place this year on June 13th and June 14th with many plans in place to help make it even larger than last year.

Farmers Wanted

Right now the Bank of Ireland UK is inviting all farmers and farming families to sign up and learn about what it takes to open their farm to the public. The extra exposure will help drive sales and so far participants have enjoyed the new customers they gain via the weekend. The aim of the Open Farm Weekend is to help consumers connect first-hand with the processors, farmers, and food producers from whom they buy their food.

Locally sourced goods are good for the environment and tend to be healthier compared to mass produced products. Therefore, encouraging consumers in Ireland to connect with local farmers helps to boost the economy, protect the environment, and help people live healthier lifestyles. All of these factors add up to make the ingredients for a successful nation and that is where the idea for the event started.

Expanding Knowledge

The Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend is designed to help offer participants a fun, tasty, and educational weekend experience. Children love the farm tours and adults appreciate seeing how locally sourced foods are produced and placed into the supply chain. It is interesting to learn how food gets ready to be placed on your plate and helps local citizens appreciate their farmers much more.

As farmers continue to face more challenges this is a great chance for them to connect with consumers that can help them build and maintain their livelihood. During the Open Farm Weekend the host farmers organise their own tours and events to make every stop something special. Visitors to the farm get an enriching experience as VIPs that are allowed to see first-hand how the animals are cared for, the produce is grown, how the tractors operate or a product is processed depending on the type of farm they are visiting.

As a visitor you will get the chance to talk to the farmer and even taste some of the food first-hand to see why you should consider buying local. It’s a great time to ask questions and learn a great deal that you’ve never considered before, about the food you eat and what it takes to put it on your table.

The Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend takes place over two days so that visitors have the chance to visit multiple farmers in their area and learn about more than one type of agricultural experience. The Ulster Farmers’ Union helps the Bank of Ireland UK plan and execute the event. The event is also supported by the Business in the Community NI, Beacon Building Solutions and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Regional Food Programme. Keep your eye out for more information on social networks about the event and which farms close to you might be participating.

Jalex Fest

20140609_111705_resizedWe’re gearing up for another big event here at Alexander Tractors.  Saturday June 28th is the night for Jalex Fest -our BBQ and Barn Dance this year held in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Today we were getting some photos taken with our big sponsors – McCauley Trailers and Northwood Grown – check out the pics in this week Farming Life (14th June).  For tickets, T-shirts and loads more information head on over to .  Hope to see you all there!

New Website Launch

January 2014 sees the launch of our new website. Of recent years the sheer volume of stock we have online had meant we had outgrown our old site and was resulting in a poor experience for browsers of our page. Our new site should vastly enhance your experience with faster loading and larger images. As always we welcome and value your feedback so please do contact us with suggestions!

Tractors to Thailand


Tractors to Thailand – our latest exports heading off to Thailand for Christmas. In the 2013 year we shipped tractors across the world from Thailand to Spain and many places in between!

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