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4×4 Accessories

Pickup and 4×4 Tyres for Sale

Browse our New and Used 4×4 and Pickup Tyres Available for Sale. A One Stop Shop for 4×4 Tyres and Accessories. Fitting Service Available at our Premises in Co. Antrim. Current Available Stock Listed…more

Decked Drawers Truck Bed Tool Box

Get Fitted with the DECKED storage drawers at Alexander 4×4  DECKED‘s range of truck bed drawers, storage boxes and other accessories is specifically designed to maximise the efficiency of your load bed. No more…more

Ranger Upgrades

The Jalex Ranger – Modifications and Accessories #1 – Standard Ford Ranger This is a Standard 3.2 Wildtrak, Similarly a 2.2 Limited and 3.2 Limited version can be modified here by us. #2 –…more