Experience Farming in Northern Ireland – Firsthand!

Great ways to experience Farming in Northern Ireland

Agriculture is a very important aspect of Northern Ireland’s economy, and people have been farming in the region for centuries. During the spring there is a lot to see if you are willing to explore the farmland of Northern Ireland. If you want to see something different during your holiday you might consider planning a trip to one of the many different working farms that are spread out across the country. This will allow you the chance to see Irish farmers in action as they manage their farms, and breed and look after their animals, all the while making sure they naturally take care of the environment around them.

Unusual Livestock

If you want to see a wide variety of animals then consider stopping by the Ark Open Farm in County Down. The farm is located in typical NI countryside, but the animals are anything but common. A woodland walk connects all of the different areas of the farm, which include housing and habitats for reindeer, meerkats, sika deer, and more. In addition, the farm has a very hands-on outdoor adventure playground, and seasonal events that are scheduled throughout all of the major holiday seasons. Visit on the weekend and stop in for a meal at the Cottage Café while you are there.

Fun For Kids

Another great farm to visit for those with children is the Streamvale Open Farm. This farm was built by the Morrow family who have worked hard to encourage everyone to have a good day out in the open air. Not only can you walk history and nature trails that take you through the countryside and the farmland, but there are also play areas that have been set-up, so children can play on trailers and large toy animals that will help expose them to farm culture. As a bonus, if you come during the spring you can even bottle feed the kids and lambs on the farm!

Mixed Attractions

If you would like to see more than one farm, you might want to plan your trip to Northern Ireland to fall over the Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend. Usually it takes place during the 2nd or 3rd week of June, and they invite people to come and visit farms across the country. All types of agricultural concerns participate including egg farms, apple farms, corn farms, dairy farms, turkey farms, and more. As an extra temptation, you can buy fresh produce and products from the farms, which will make a very tasty treat to take home while helping to support local, sustainable farming.

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