4×4 for Sale NI

4x4 for sale NI

4×4 for sale NI

We have a wide selection of quality used 4×4’s for sale. Our stock of four wheel drive vehicles is growing and includes a range of makes including Toyota, Land Rover, Ford, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Great Wall and more.

If you looking for a particular make and model you can give us a call and we will be happy to discuss it with you or you can browse our current selection of used 4×4’s for sale in Northern Ireland here.

More people than ever are driving four wheel drive vehicles as manufacturers have developed models for both commercial use and the general consumer. Depending on what you plan to use the vehicle for and what you want to achieve with it, the model you buy may vary. If you intend to use it for constant off road use then a permanent 4×4 may be the best option but if you plan on using it on the road quite a bit then a vehicle equipped with both two wheel drive and four wheel drive will be more suited.

Most of the time you will not know what vehicle is suited to you until you drive it. Test driving a vehicle will give you a feel for what it can do as well as let you know if it will be a comfortable drive.  If you would like a test drive in any of our vehicles please let us know and we will happy to arrange it for you. You can get in touch with us by clicking here.

Below are some of the most popular 4×4 vehicles


Isuzu D-MAX

Isuzu DMAX for saleUnlike the Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200, Ford Ranger or the Toyota Hilux, which aim for a balance between working truck and a day-to-day drive, the Isuzu D-MAX has been designed with ruggedness and reliability in mind rather than an every day comfort wagon. With a maximum payload capacity of 1,126kg and a larger load bay when compared to the Navara and the Mitsubishi L200, the Isuzu D-MAX definitely has to be your first choice if you’re looking for a workhorse. With a 163bhp 1.9-litre diesel engine it performs well even with 40Nm less torque than the previous 2.5 engine. Find Isuzu D-Max’s for sale here.


Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux 4x4 For Sale Northern IrelandThe Toyota Hilux has been a popular 4×4 for almost 50 years now. Its popularity comes from its reliability and shear toughness. The latest version softens the rugged edges and brings an air of luxury and family friendly appeal to the market. With load bay length of up to 2,315mm for the single cab model, the Toyota Hilux really ticks all the boxes of a pick-up truck and a commercial vehicle. Furthermore, the seven airbags as well as a host of safety features such as Emergency Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control and Trailer Sway Control really makes the Hilux an appealing family wagon. Find Toyota Hilux’s for sale here.


Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger For Sale NIThe Ranger has been Ford’s first choice 4×4 for several years now. Although it’s not the most efficient pick-up it does come with a variety of economy enhancing features such as auto-start-stop, electric power assisted steering and a choice of final drive ratios. With a carrying capacity of 1,296kg and a maximum load length of 2,317mm, the Ford Ranger is a contender for being the most practical and having the best load space when compared to its contenders. From a drive perspective, it performs well and when coupled with its five-star Euro NCAP rating, the Ford Ranger is an ideal choice for both work and family life. Find Ford Ranger’s For Sale here.


Toyota Land Cruiser

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 4x4 for saleThere is no doubt that the Toyota Land Cruiser is both an accomplished and dependable 4×4, partly thanks to its military background. Instead of sacrificing performance like some of the other crossover models, the Toyota Land Cruiser delivers great off-road performance, which it has been primarily designed for. Internally, there is an air of class and luxury and whilst not as roomy as other 4x4s it does provide plenty of comfort for the family over long and short journeys alike. Its stiff body and seven airbags has helped it perform well in safety tests and at 620 litres, the boot capacity is good. Find Toyota Landcruiser’s for sale here.


Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200 Warrior for Sale NIMitsubishi claim that the L200 is the best that they have ever made, stating that it is the best pick-up on the market and with features such as intelligent 4WD, impressive fuel economy, incredible manoeuvrability and first class load capacity of 4,090kg, it’s hard to argue. The Mitsubishi L200 is also a good-looking car both outside and inside and it performs well as a workhorse as well as a family wagon. It’s also packed with safety features such as seven airbags, emergency stop signal, trailer stability assist and lane departure warning to name a few. Find Mitsubishi L200’s for sale here.


Volkswagen Amarok

VOLKSWAGON AMAROK 4x4 NIThe Volkswagen Amarok, with a 3.1 tonne towing capacity and 2.52m2 load space, is an excellent work car. From a drive perspective, the permanent 4motion all-wheel drive with a self-locking torsen middle differential gives the Amarok excellent performance and control over a wide range of terrains, on road or off. The refined, interior makes this a comfortable family wagon too and with its automatic post-collision system along with other great features, the Volkswagen Amarok will keep your family safe on the road. Internally there is plenty of room for your passengers, meaning a more relaxed journey whether short or long. Find Volkswagen Amarok’s for sale here.


Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara Northern IrelandRight off the mark, the Nissan Navara has best in class fuel economy and delivers more power with better fuel efficiency than before. Its towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes also makes it a market leader, making it great for work and family life. The Nissan Navara’s exterior is bold, sleek and distinctive whilst on the inside you’ll experience great comfort levels and ample space. Safety and security are paramount to the Navara’s overall design. The Safety Shield Technologies include an Intelligent Emergency Braking system, Vehicle Dynamic Control monitors and Electronic Brake-force Distribution as well as many other great features that make the Nissan Navara an excellent choice for work and family life. Find Nissan Navara’s for sale here.


Land Rover Discovery

LANDROVER DISCOVERY Northern IrelandThe Land Rover Discovery, with its versatile design, ingenious technology and best in class capability is a mainstay of 4×4 auto mobility. With effortless performance, the Discovery is equally at home on road as it is off road and what’s more is that its high efficiency makes it more economic than other models. There’s plenty of room inside too, with seven seats in total there’s room for even the largest family. The two back rows of seats fold down independently giving you even more space for shopping or luggage. The design is also cutting edge and delivers luxury and sophistication both inside and out. Find Land Rover Discovery’s for sale here.


Land Rover Defender

LANDROVER DEFENDER NORTHERN IRELANDThe Land Rover Defender is an iconic car and has been for almost 70 years now. Although built as an off roader, it performs surprisingly well on road too. Its Four Wheel Drive, 6-speed transmissions give it plenty of power and its high ground clearance means it can take on any terrain. Although a real workhorse, the Land Rover Defender also performs well as a family car, especially if you live in remote rural locations. It tackles hills as though they were flat terrain and even has a wading depth of 500mm. Is it any wonder that this has been Land Rovers signature car for so long? Find Land Rover Defender’s for sale here.


Great Wall Steed

Great Wall Steed 4x4 vehicleThe Great Wall Steed combines reliability with real value. This is a truly robust pick up with excellent safety features like twin airbags, anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution and exceptional manufacturing quality such as galvanised body panels and extremely rust-proof chassis. Performance is excellent and it comes with all the luxuries you’d expect from a modern 4×4. Loading space measure 1380 x 1460 x 480mm so there’s ample room, making the Great Wall Steed practical for both a works car and a family wagon. Inside and out, the Steed is an attractive car and yet none of the design has detracted from functionality. Find Great Wall Steed’s for sale here.

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